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Friday, 5 June 2020

Outer Space, Inner Minds Digital Anthology

Calling all "self isolating" artists (& others)

We think it's time to blast off from this virus-fuelled 'hot spot' to the fresh air of inspiration to be found in the cosmos.

So we're calling for entries to our first-ever digital anthology, which will have the theme/title Outer Space, Inner Minds. Any work that touches on our relation to the cosmos and its impact on our thinking or creativity is eligible.

Our idea for this took flight from the success of Dark Sky Dreaming: an Inland Skywriters Anthology, which brought together creatives and scientists from regional New South Wales and elsewhere in Australia. Check it out to see the types of work that were accepted.

The anthology will be published online in 2021 and be comprised of the best poetry and prose that are submitted, but also audio and short films. Artists from anywhere on or slightly above Earth are eligible, but any text must be in English (ETs, please note).

Previously published work is eligible, but you must have clearance from any licensee to the work for it to be published in our anthology royalty-free.

As well as text-based works such as poetry and prose (up to 1500 words per entry), we're open to:
• audio files
• moving poems / prose
• short films


• text: Word (.docx) or Pages
• images: .jpgs @ 300dpi resolution, preferred
• audio as .mp3s (5 minutes playing time maximum)
• video as .m4v, .mov or .wav (5 minutes playing time maximum)

Entry fee is AUD20 for each group of up to three poems, each story or non-fiction work, or each audio or film entry.

Entries, with the required fee, must be submitted via our online form. Extended deadline due to COVID-19 and other considerations: 31 July 2020.

Full-time students, people on a pension or people under-employed due to COVID-19 are eligible for a fee waiver for one entry. Please apply to with your details.

As a special bonus, all entrants will receive a free eBook of David P Reiter's Time Lords Remixed.

We look forward to seeing, reading and publishing the best work out there. 

May the Cosmos be with you!

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